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A commutative algebraic approach to Hamiltonians and graphs
Computations within Bayesian networks
Deriving pseduocodewords from Bethe permanents
Expanding families, and the zig-zag and replacement products
Implementation of a decoding algorithm for codes from algebraic curves in the programming language Sage
Information inequalities and the inclusion-exclusion ratio
Line graphs and flow nets
Maximizing The Minimum Distance Of Bipartite Graph Based Low Density Parity Check Codes From Two-Step Circulant Covers
Quantization of a low-density parity-check (LDPC) decoder : limited-precision digital design of the sum-product algorithm (SPA) for wireless voice and video communication channels
Steps towards classification of semigraphoids
Subfield Subcodes of Twisted Codes from Curves
The Points of Two Curves from the Hermitian Tower
The classification of root systems and its application to lie algebras
The dimension of subfield-subcodes of a subclass of generalized Reed-Solomon codes
The inclusion-exclusion and mixing ratio conjectures from the Ingleton Inequality