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  • X = McGuire, Kathleen L.
A bioinformatics approach to developing an EMAST mouse model
Bioinformatics approach to analyze racial disparities in cancers
Characterization and manipulation of the colonic microbiome in a mouse model of colon cancer
Comparison of stroma-associated gene expression in African-American and Caucasian-American prostate cancer
Functional cytotoxic immunity and racial disparity in colorectal cancer
Immune mechanisms underlying the racial disparities in prostate cancer
Immune responses in the colon tumor microenvironment
Intratumoral immune infiltration and racial disparities in colon cancer
Investigating interleukin 17 secreting cell infiltration to understand racial disparities in colorectal cancer
Natural killer cells in colon cancer : a study in racial differences and immune coordination
Pro- and anti-tumor immunity within a mouse model of sporadic colorectal cancer
Role of Cyclophilin D as a tumor suppressor: Importance of mitochondrial quality control
The impact of estrogen on antigen presentation and the racial disparity in prostate cancer
Using MHC binding assays to investigate HLA-dependent drug directed immune responses
VAX014 efficacy in the B16F10 mouse melanoma model: A novel oncolytic immunotherapy for melanoma