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"Obvi we're the ladies": The unruly women of postfeminist television
"Polarizing politics": Audience narrative decisions in video games
"Presencing" metaphors: "Light" in the Gospel of John
A century of change: National Geographic Magazine and the rhetoric of Amazonian land development
A rhetorical analysis of political speeches on climate change
A rhetorical approach to teaching children's literature
A rhetorical approach to teaching fiction in the middle school language arts curriculum
An ideological analysis of class division and advertising
Argumentation and persuasion in the American Christian church: An anatomy of paradigm-shifting cultural rhetoric
Effective motivation: Teaching associates' response to student writing
Following leads: A rhetorical approach to literary journalism
Institutional ethos
Letters to an Absent Friend: A Generative Rhetorical Analysis of Facebook Memorial Pages
Mindfully mitigating the writing stigma: How students experience academic writing in a contemplative composition classroom
Moral appeals in political discourse: A moderate approach to political identification
Musical borderisms: An ideological and narrative analysis of tejano, norteño, and U.S. country music
Nietzsche's "On Truth and Lie": A Tropological Response to Kant's First Critique
Professional Rite of Passage and Psychometrics: Career Satisfaction and Personality Indicators
Rhetorical Analysis of a Political Satire Podcast, Naneun Ggomsuda
Rhetorical forms and perceptual realities: Form as symbolic action in William Blake's poetry and virtual reality