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  • X = Mayes, Arion T.
A histological analysis of a Late Formative Period population from Cerro de la Cruz in the lower Río Verde valley, Oaxaca, Mexico
A mortuary profile analysis of Cerro de la Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico as an investigation into formative period regional interactions
Archaeology of Death in the Lower Rio Verde Valley, Oaxaca, Mexico, During the Late and Terminal Formative Period (400BC-AD250)
From marco to micro: Applying histology to individuals from Rio Viejo, Oaxaca, Mexico as an investigation into age and season of death
Health and life on Point Sal California : an osteological analysis of middle period Purisimeño Chumash
Health and nutrition of a coastal population during the Upper Berkeley to Augustine periods : analysis of human skeletal remains from San Mateo 4 (CA-SMa-4)
Repatriation protocol of deceased migrants in San Diego County
Status and the "Lower" class: a bio-cultural examination of the non-elite classic Maya suburb community of Guerra, Buenavista del Cayo, in the western Belize Valley