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A constitutive law for the pulmonary valve leaflet tissue
A geometric model of the human aortic valve and design of closure prostheses
Aortic valve mechanobiology in the LVAD-assisted heart: Development of a testbed for valve cell studies
Aortic valve opening measurements in the LVAD assisted heart
Aortic valve tissue biomechanics during LVAD support: Implementation in bioreactor design and preliminary testing
Biomechanic Analysis Of Injury Mitigation Performance For Novel Helmet Design
Biomechanics of aortic valve leaflet fusion and stiffening
Digitization of ECG Prior to In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Echocardiographic Measurement of Left Ventricular Flow Field in LVAD Patients
Effect of outflow graft size on stroke risk in the aortic arch
Flow visualization of patient-specific right heart models in a mock circulatory loop
Gait differences in obese, overweight and normal weight in teenagers
Geometry and fusion of aortic heart valves from continuous flow left ventricular assist device patients
Intraventricular fluid mechanics and thrombus formation in the LVAD-assisted heart
Ischemic stroke risk reduction following cardiac surgery by carotid compression
Lagrangian coherent structures in the model left ventricle
Micro particle image velocimetry measurement in an electronically active microarray
Mitral regurgitation in Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) patients
Pulsatile Flow in the Aorta of the LVAD Supported Heart Studied Using Particle Image Velocimetry
Quantitative assessment of an experimental model using intraventricular fluid dynamics for the detection of LVAD pump thrombus