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  • X = Malouf, Robert P.
A corpus study of ethnic slurs and derogatory language across Reddit and YouTube with Sentiment considered
A method of segmenting topical Twitter hashtags
An investigation of Kazan Tatar morphology
Computational Simulation of Linguistic Change: An Agent-Based Model
Homophony and conversion (zero derivation): The durational differences of seemingly phonetically identical lexeme pairs
Metaphors be with you: An examination of the metaphor "A COLLEGE DEGREE IS A DOORWAY" and how it relates to metaphors in general
Normies and Anons: A Study of Impoliteness, Swearwords, and Sentiments in Anonymous Speech Online
Observing language changes in aging and Alzheimer's speech using information theory techniques
Predicting video game sales using an analysis of internet message board discussions
Sonority distance preferences in developmental dyslexia: Investigating linguistic universals for application in clinical approaches