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"Please read and respond": Strategies for community engagement in museums in San Diego and their implications for the Nate Harrison project
A hundred years of anthropological and historical legacies at the San Diego Museum of Man
A review of tuberculosis remedies during the 19th and early 20th centuries
A socioeconomic interpretation of 19th century archaeological ceramics found at contemporaneous, culturally diverse sites on Ballast Point in San Diego, California
An anthropological and archaeological analysis of American Victorian (1876-1915) and Progressive era (1900-1920) medicine in San Diego, California
An ethnobotany of Baja California's Kumeyaay Indians
An investigation of Cuyamaca oval bedrock milling basins
Archaeological, historical, and anthropological perspectives on extant and destroyed federally sponsored public artwork from new deal-era San Diego County
Cultural Network Analysis of Spanish Colonial Settlement Patterns in San Diego, California
Eccentric caches of Buenavista Del Cayo: Contextual analysis and cosmological significance
Guns, sundown towns, and the multi-ethnic Old West: Nathan Harrison and firearm ownership in late 19th and early 20th century San Diego County
Historical and archaeological patterns of water use in San Diego County: a case study of the Whaley House cistern/well
Reconstruction of San Diegan food culture through nineteenth and twentieth century faunal remains, San Diego, California
Reconstruction of San Diego Identities and Attitudes Through 19th and 20th Century Gravestone Symbols
The San Diego River : an archaeological, historical, and applied anthropological perspective
The paradoxical collection in the cabinets: Establishing a site chronology of sdsu-0897, 5MN191, from Paradox Valley, Coronado
Tracks and tracts in America's finest city: An historical archaeology of San Diego's early trolley suburbs