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A comparison of neuroimaging modalities in the effectiveness of predicting autism using conditional random forest
A functional connectivity MRI study of network sculpting in autism spectrum disorders
A graph theory study of regional and network functional connectivity in autism spectrum disorders
A machine learning study of intrinsic functional connectivity in autism spectrum disorders
Attention networks in autism spectrum disorders : a study using resting state functional connectivity and the attention network test
Atypical intrinsic functional connectivity of the core face perception system in autism spectrum disorder
Atypical maturation and functional differentiation of superior temporal sulcus in autism: a functional connectivity magnetic resonance imaging study
Atypical organization and connectivity of the inferior frontal gyrus in children with autism spectrum disorders : an fcMRI study
Cerebral gyrification and the cortical architecture of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Cerebro-cerebellar resting state functional connectivity in adolescents with autism spectrum disorders
Clustering analysis of resting-state functional MRI data to identify possible subtypes of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Comparing domain-specific contributions to corticostriatal tracts in autism spectrum disorders
Detection of tract-specific white matter compromise in adolescents with autism spectrum disorders using an automated tractography pipeline
Developmental trajectories of resting-state functional connectivity networks in Autism spectrum disorders
Domain specificity of altered cortico-striatal functional connectivity in children and adolescents with Autism
From bottom-up to top-down : an fMRI study of language development
Functional connectivity of sensory systems in autism spectrum disorders: An fcMRI study of audio-visual processing
Heterogeneity of the language network in Autism Spectrum Disorders: A data-driven study of neurophenotypes
Investigations of attention in autism spectrum disorder: are anomalies in attention related to the development of sociocommunicative impairments?
IterMatchApp, a web application for the IterMatch group matching algorithm