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An analysis of bacterial growth kinetics: the tradeoff between the growth rate and yield, and their effects in the environment
Electron acceptors in the Arctic: The roles of iron, humic acids, and organic chlorine in anaerobic respiration
Impacts of anaerobic methane oxidation, electron acceptors, and physical controls on net methane emissions from northern peatlands in Alaska and Finland
Improving Ecosystem Function: Facilitating restoration of degraded biocrusts using mixed culture inoculation
Nitrogen relations among plant species in a semi-arid shrubland: Impacts of invasion and plant-soil feedbacks
Phytoremediation potential of California native wetland plants: Linking microbial activity and native plants to remediation of heavy metals
Soil ecosystem functioning under global change: extreme weather events and exotic herbaceous species alter soil microbial communities and nutrient cycling in southern California
The effect of edaphic and biological controls on soil microbial carbon use efficiency
The influence of prescribed burns on soil microbiology and plant feedbacks in an invaded perennial grassland
The role of siderophores in dissimilatory iron reduction in arctic tundra soils