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"But some of us are [still] brave": The experiences of Black women engaging in graduate women's studies
"My most authentic self": Creating visibility and understanding of pansexuality through stories of identity formation
Construyendo una utopia mas inclusiva for a queer future: the transformative poder de la musica latinx
First-generation college Latinas/xs's self-reported reasons for joining a Latina-focused sorority
Las mujeres de Teatro Izcalli : transformative stories of healing and resistance
Making place out of displacement : embodied diasporic identities in the works of Ana Mendieta and Coco Fusco
Queer Latinx migrant testimonios: Embodying (non)belonging and reimagining community
Queer of color maternalista movidas: Listening to longings while evoking w(ho)leness
Reclaiming Space: How Women are Using Autobiographical Comics to Resist Microaggressions Within the Comic Book Fan Community
Ñuu Savi Sini Ñu'un Tiatyi: A renewal of Mixteco epistemology of Mother Earth