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3-Dimensional compact disc (CD) microfluidic platform
A glass microfluidic platform for rare cell capturing using passive micromixing
A microfluidic chaotic mixer for cancer stem cell immunocapture and release
A microfluidic platform incorporating inertial focusing and chaotic mixing for immunocapture and release of rare cancer cells
An acoustophoresis-based microfluidics platform for cell isolation
An integrated Lung-on-a-Chip microfluidic platform with real-time biochemical sensing
An inverted pendulum device for validating dynamic center of pressure of the balance tracking system
An investigation of acoustophoresis on a microfluidic platform for cell separation
Bionanotronics: On The Microfabrication Of Electrodes For The Examination Into The Nature Of Current Transduction Through Deoxyribonucleic Acids
Characterization of surface morphology of thin-film platinum and glassy carbon microelectrodes
Computational model describing electrode kinetics of metal vs carbon microelectrodes
Corrosion of glassy carbon neural electrodes under electrical stimulation and chemical exposure
DNA Molecular Wire-Based Nanoelectronics: New Insight and High Frequency AC Electrical Characterization
DNA attachment to carbon electrodes for bionanoelectronics platforms
Design, microfabrication and mechanical characterization of polymer-based microelectrode arrays
Design, microfabrication, and characterization of a bismuth based sensor for healthy metals in drinking water
Effect of new temperature regimes and pyrolysis protocols on the electrical and electrochemical properties of glassy carbon
Effects of Electromagnetic Field on the Electrical Properties of DNA Molecular Wires
Effects of Ultraviolet Light Irradiation on the Electrical Properties of DNA Molecular Wires
Electrical characterization of ITO based organic solar cells through impedance spectroscopy