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  • X = Jiracek, George R.
A magnetotelluric interpretation of the Chocolate Mountains and Milpitas Wash, southeastern California
A magnetotelluric profiling and geophysical investigation of the Laguna Salada Basin, Baja California
A marine magnetotelluric study of the San Diego Trough, Pacific Ocean, USA
Application of the Rayleigh-FFT technique to magnetotelluric modeling
Application of the Rayleigh-FFT technique to topographic corrections in magnetotellurics
Continuous magnetotelluric profiling across the La Bajada fault, Rio Grande drift, New Mexico
Deep magnetotelluric profiling of the southern Albuquerque-Belen Basin, New Mexico
Geoelectric modeling near the Salton Sea geothermal field, California
Magnetotelluric evidence for mid-crustal fluids in an active transpressive continental orogen, South Island, New Zealand
Magnetotelluric imaging of the subsurface beneath the EMSLAB Lincoln Line in western Oregon
Magnetotelluric investigation of the Santo Domingo Basin, Rio Grande rift, New Mexico
Magnetotelluric modeling of the Valles Caldera, New Mexico
Magnetotelluric profiling across an accomodation zone in the Northern Rio Grande Rift, New Mexico
Magnetotelluric profiling of the Peninsular Ranges in northern Baja California, Mexico
Tests of robust regression applied to magnetotelluric time series
Three-dimensional magnetotelluric response of the Rio Grande Rift near Socorro, New Mexico
Water on Mars: can magnetotellurics tell us?