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  • X = Jankowski, Piotr L.
(De)constructing literacy: Education inequalities and the production of space in San Diego, California
A geovisual analytic technique for exploratory analysis of online discourses
An analysis of San Diego's housing market using a geographically weighted regression approach
An interactive web-based atlas for the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer
Border porosity and landscape characteristics : a GIS-based approach for segmenting the US -- Canada Border
Evaluating the potential for mixed-use urban land development using multi-criteria decision analysis: A case study in the city of San Diego
Exploratory spatial analysis of human migration behavior along the U.S. -- Mexico border
Exploring human decision making in the context of web-based public participation in transportation planning
Geoprivacy: Location masking strategies and personal identification risk
Identifying spatial relationships between microbial metabolism and human impact
Improving decision making during wildland fire events
Multi-criteria decision analysis in conservation planning: Designing conservation area networks in San Diego County
Spatially explicit uncertainty and sensitivity analysis methods for land-use models
Striking the balance: Privacy and spatial pattern preservation in masked GPS data
The effect of variable demand aggregation areas on modeling primary health care accessibility in Idaho
Undocumented immigration from Mexico into the United States : modeling spatial structure of push factors at the municipio level
Utilizing Mobile Technology in GIS Education: A Case Study of Using iPad and iBooks in Fieldwork and Location Based Exercises
Web-based tool for visualization of online discourse events