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An unsteady analysis of turbine nozzle air jet flow control with stator-rotor interaction and a comparison of Ansys solvers for a steady state turbine nozzle flow
Computation of a normal shock wave propagating through a particle cloud of varying shape
Computational studies of flame structures
Computational study of cardiac blood flow during ventricular filling with Fluent
Discontinuous galerkin-based particle-source-in-cell solver for 1-D compressible particle-laden flows
Eulerian-Eulerian model for computation of a 2-D compressible particle-laden flow
Eulerian-Eulerian model of 1-D compressible particle-laden flow: running shock impinging on a cloud of particles
Experimental Study On The Use Of Synthetic Jet Actuators For Lift Control
Extracting Lagrangian coherent structures from experimental flow fields
Flow reduction inside a power turbine using jet control on a nozzle blade with end-walls
High order explicit semi-lagrangian method for the solution of lagrangian transport and stochastic differential equations
High-speed particle-laden flows : Eulerian-Lagrangian methods, multi-scale modeling and numerical/physical instabilities
Large Eddy Simulation Of A Supersonic Underexpanded Jet: Comparison Of A Low-Order Finite Volume (Converge™) And High-Order Hybrid Central/Weno-Z Scheme
Minimum computational domain requirements for the simulation of a truncated aerospike nozzle flow
Numerical investigation of variable momentum flux and density ratios on confined jets in crossflow
Regularization of singular sources for PSIC computations of particle-laden flows with shocks
Scalar filtered mass density function with higher-order (W)ENO schemes to model turbulent reactive flows
Supersonic tandem wedge flow in extreme ground effect
Synthetic jet control on compressor blade at higher Reynolds numbers
Synthetic jet flow control of two-dimensional NACA 65(1)-412 airfoil flow with Finite-Time Lyapunov Exponent analysis of Lagrangian Coherent Structures