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A description of the NTRU cryptosystem and its cryptanalysis via the LL algorithm
A look at the special number field sieve using ideals as implementable in the magma computational algebra software system
A statistical decoding algorithm for linear block codes
An algorithmic solution to the representation problem for definite binary quadratic forms
An exploration of proposed algorithms for use over the subspace metric in the scope of network coding theory
An overview of public key infrastructure
An overview of the Buchmann-Williams cryptographic system
An overview of the NTRU cryptographic system
Applications of Reed-Solomon codes on optical media storage
Automated arbitrage opportunities in the stock market using Quick Test Professional
Ball collision decoding performance on linear codes
Constant weight words compression in the context of the mceliece cryptosystem
Construction of dense lattice packings in prime dimensions
Decoding of the (31,15,8) and (41,20,10) quadratic residue codes beyond their error correcting capabilities
Decoding the binary (31, 15, 8) and (47, 23, 12) quadratic residue codes beyond their error-correction capabilities
Density Analysis of Code Based Cryptosystems and Analysis of Goppa Key Structure
Expense tracker mobile application
Finite Reflection Groups & Space-Time Codes
Integral Trace Form in Q(_p) and Applications
Low-dimensional lattices from polynomials and biquadratic fields