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  • X = Hovell, Melbourne F.
A feedback intervention to improve clinical outcomes in an urban-dwelling, immigrant population with co-existing chronic conditions
A real-time intervention to improve household air quality among low-income families
An exploratory study of substance use and club type among exotic dancers in San Diego
An exploratory study on the impact of acculturation on waterpipe smoking practices among Arab Americans in San Diego, California
Built environments and physical activity : improving understanding of the moderators
Childhood obesity prevention: Is it a hop, jump, and a skip away? An exploratory study of the behavioral ecological model and the influence of contingencies on child body composition
Effects of internalized homonegativity and gender of past sexual partners on the relationship between high-risk behaviors and HIV serostatus
Examining contextual settings to explain gender differences in cigarette and alcohol use among Asian immigrants : work, hospitality venues, and household settings
Examining factors related to compliance in a behavioral health intervention targeting early adolescents and their parents|
Fast food density: relationship of consumption and nutrient intake among preteens
Investigation Of Excessive Weight Management Behaviors Among Female Exotic Dancers In San Diego County
Milk and beverage consumption patterns among preteens in an intervention aimed at increasing calcium intake
Predictors of high risk sexual behaviors in deported male Mexican migrants
Predictors of reported transmission risk behaviors post HIV diagnosis in an HIV+ sample receiving care in Tijuana, Mexico
Psychosocial predictors of diet adherence in breast cancer survivors
Sensual to sexual: A theoretical approach to examining correlates of prostitution behavior in exotic dancers
The availability of vending machines, school stores and snack shops and student's poor dietary intake
The relationship between maternal body image and the body image of their preadolescent children
Waterpipe smoking among Arab American women in San Diego, California