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  • X = Harris, Fredric J.


3π/8 offset 8PSK modulation in EDGE GSM
A study of low density parity-check codes using systematic repeat-accumulate codes
An HF multitone modem
An efficient filter for signals with large ratio of sample rate to bandwith
Application of basis function in source separation
Cascade Analysis Synthesis Channelizer Structures For Reduced Computational Work Load
Channel Probes for OFDM Equalizer Compensation of Channel Frequency Response and of Frequency Dependent Transmitter and Receiver Gain and Phase Imbalances
Comparison of interpolation methods in modulation and demodulation
Complementary code modulation: technique to reduce PAPR in OFDM
Concatenative music synthesis by note separation using onset velocity detection and statistical models
DSP Based Correction of Front End Analog Components in Digital Receivers
DSP Based Phase Lock Loops for Carrier and Timing Recovery at Low Signal to Noise Ratio
Design and implementation of a collision avoidance system for unmanned aerial vehicles
Efficient implementation of analysis synthesis channelizer structure
Evaluation Of Channelizer Architectures For Space Applications
Flexible RF front-ends for software-defined radio
Implementing physical layer (PHY) of IEEE 802.15.4g standard with direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) using offset quadrature phase shift keying (O-QPSK)
Improvement in OFDM system by reducing PAPR with CAZAC Transform Matrix method
Initial Cell Site Synchronization in LTE System
Interference suppression in 4-G cellular phone systems