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"How has the security landscape changed in the last ten years with the rise of social media influencers"
5G threats and opportunities
A future model for capacity building and partnership integration by leveraging GIS and knowledge discovery
A new approach to cyber-security
A palinspastic reconstruction of the eastern San Gabriel Mountains based on the occurrence of a middle Cenozoic dike swarm
Achieving electric restoration logistical efficiencies during critical infrastructure crisis response: A knowledge management systems perspective
An American perspective: An analysis of the biological warfare threat in the 21st century & historical overview of its application throughout the ages
Big data for humanitarian assistance and disaster response
California’s failing drug laws and their impact in conjunction with the growing opioid epidemic
Cause to expand Department of Defense’s cyber role
Chilean uprising of 2019: a comprehensive analysis of the events that caused the protests with possible solutions to prevent further civil unrest
Collaborative GIS environment for disaster management : tools and analysis
Combating human trafficking in the aftermath of a natural disaster through the DoD: The case of the 2004 Indonesian earthquake and tsunami
Combined remote sensing and field investigations of major lithospheric compression in the Turkmenistan-Iran region of central Asia
Creating university-led private and public partnerships to assist nation-building efforts in South Sudan
Creative homeland security : imagining the next big solar storm
Cultural narratives embedded in state-sponsored language arts education under authoritarian regimes: Observations from Indonesia's Soeharto era
Current business continuity practices and pandemic influenza: implications for private sector resiliency
Cybersecurity: Challenging rhetoric to identify the future of defensive and offensive measures against defined threat actors