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Cellular Response of the Blood Brain Barrier to Bacterial Meningeal Pathogens
Characterization of extracellular vesicles and their cargo from three distinct placenta-derived in vitro systems
Characterizing RNA packaging into extracellular vesicles (EV) by comparing RNA in EV and other fractions from conditioned culture media
Coxsackievirus B3 Infection Of Neonatal And Adult Neural Progenitor Cells
Coxsackievirus pathogenesis in the neonatal central nervous system: Virus dissemination, the host response to infection, and the autophagic process during viral replication
Coxsackievirus persistence in the neonatal central nervous system: Investigating the interplay between the host response and viral persistence in neural stem and progenitor cells
Developing novel tools that can target and bind to the WNT receptor frizzled 7 (FZD7)
Elucidating progressive supranuclear palsy genotype-phenotype relationships using human isogenic induced pluripotent stem cells
In vitro generation of dentate gyrus-like organoids
Lasting memory and behavioral deficits in mice surviving an enterovirus infection during the neonatal period
Purification and characterization of the N-terminal EC domains of Cadherin 23, a component of the tip-link complex of the inner ear
Small molecule directed differentiation and cell cycle arrest of Glioblastoma multiforme stem cells
The effects of increasing acetylcholine on inflammaging and during influenza infection
The intellectual disability gene UPF3B promotes the downregulation of key neural transcripts and the survival of pluripotent cells
The role of non-neuronal acetylcholine and cholinergic lymphocytes in the murine lung during influeza infection
Use of Fluorescent Molecular Clock for Monitoring Biogenesis and Mitophagy
Virus Induced Formation Of Extracellular Microvesicles During Coxsackievirus Dissemination In The Host