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Enabled Filters

  • X = Engin, Arif E.
A novel approach to characterization of frequency dependent losses in transmission lines
A novel method of rational function approximation using orthogonalized polynomials with real coefficients
A novel wideband stepped impedance filter for suppression of common-mode noise in differential lines
Coaxial and Parallel-Plate Electrode Design and Measurement for Electroporation
Design of a unique EPG structure for common-mode filtering in differential signals
Designing an electro-magnetic simulator for extraction of material properties of FR 4 and low-loss materials
Dielectric characterization of flip-chip underfill and packaging substrates at microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies
Filled-cavity resonator method for complex permittivity measurement
GHz Power Integrity Design Using Power Archipelago
High frequency chip-package material characterization
High frequency signal propagation in through silicon vias
Passive Macromodeling Methodology For High Speed Interconnects
Passive network function approximation using sum-of-squares polynomials
Signal integrity design and characterization of printed circuit board vias and traces up to 110 GHz
The virtual gournd fence : a micro-strip filtering method implemented into power filter design