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  • X = Dreyer, Philip H.
An analysis of the role of first language in second language acquisition
Bridging theory and practice : a critical discourse analysis of a social justice initiative within a narrative supervision process
Case studies of military mothers : an exploratory mixed methods study on the effects of transcendental meditation on parenting stress
Disruptions along the educational pipeine : a mixed methods study resilience among Latin@ middle school students
Embracing culture in the classroom : a mixed-methods study of educator culturally proficient practices
Giving voice to parents: the power of a few -- an exploratory case study of an urban school district through one critical event
Impact of biculturalism on self-efficacy and cognitive flexibilty of Japanese adults
Latino student's perceptions of the university campus climate : exploratory study of first generation students
Liminal learning: Understanding a complex adaptive human learning system through a secondary school internship experience
Student Motivation in Foreign Language Learning at the Community College Level
The experiences of legally married same-sex couples in California
Understanding metacognition and critical components of thinking and learning in public education contexts : an exploratory study