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  • X = Dinsdale, Elizabeth A.
Analysis of microbial association networks from the mucus of corals and white sharks
Elevated temperature drives kelp microbiome dysbiosis, while elevated carbon dioxide induces water microbiome disruption
Genome annotation of sea lion
Identification and genomic characterization of four novel Rhodobacteracae strains from the Point Loma kelp forest
Insights into the shark 'holobiont' through the skin microbiome and host genetics
Intersection of genotype and phenotype: Informing ecotype development
Macro-organisms influence coral reef microbial communities via shedding and induction
Microbes among marine giants: Microbial-macroalgal interactions in southern California kelp forests
Optimizing the reconstruction of microbial population genomes from metagenomes
Sequencing and Annotation of Sea Lion Genome
Taxonomic and functional composition of microbial communities across marine ecosystems
The Functional Contributions of Integrated Phages to Marine Bacterial Communities
The copper tolerance of bacteria associated with Macrocystis pyrifera
The epidermal microbiome of Leopard Sharks (Triakis semifasciata) shows taxonomic flexibility to maintain key functions across a 4-year period
The minimalistic approach of plasmid genomes and identification of plasmid contigs from within bacterial assemblies
The recognition tool to identify phycodnaviridae from metagenomes
The use of signature genes and motifs to evaluate genome completeness in phages