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  • X = Conte, Jeffrey M.
A person-centered exploration of the Hexaco personality measure and work-related outcomes
An investigation of the relationships among emotional intelligence, compassion, and organizational citizenship behaviors
An investigation of work engagement as a moderator of the relationship between personality and work outcomes
Calling at work: Relationship to engagement, job satisfaction, and turnover intent
Emotional intelligence and academic performance : an evaluation of moderated effects
Examining differences in work life balance, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and learning goal orientation in Baby Boomers and Generation Xers
How Polychronicity Moderates Relationships between Work-Family Conflict and Work Outcomes
Intercultural effectiveness and personality as predictors of performance in multicultural workers
Measuring personality-performance relationships: A configural approach
Predicting job performance and job satisfaction : an examination of the five-factor model of personality, polychronicity and role overload
Predicting multitasking performance and understanding the nomological network of polychronicity
The moderating effect of polychronicity in the relationship between job demands and work outcomes