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A critique of the au pair scheme in Norway: In light of neoliberalism
A dollar for your life: The dehumanization of labor in capitalism
Art and the anti-Vietnam war movement
Blowback: The American military empire, "free-market" globalization, the Iraq Wars, and the rise of Islamic State
Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite: Complications in solidarity and violence
Cashing in on the Discourse of Liberation: How the Commodification of Art Debases Expressions of Resistance
Challenging Boundaries: Exploring Academic Success And Marginal Identities
Critical perspectives on the current educational system in Japan and alternative education; creating ethical and democratic society
Dismantling the invisible brick wall: A father’s journey through community college
Education and ethics of peace: The missing link in life
Gender Expression: A Qualitative Study of the Reflections of Recent LGBT High School Graduates' Experiences
Hip-hop manifesto: an analysis of Immortal Technique through a theoretical lens
Indigenous resistance to neoliberal globalization : the struggle to just be
Neo-liberalism and its impact on poverty
Overcoming oppression : praxis and the ethics of "the other"
Renaming the world through hip-hop: The soundtrack of the revolution
The domination of objects for the liberation of subjects: revisiting the Dialectic of the enlightenment
The last sprinkle of magic: The staging of a real illusion of Disney theme park performers
The right to the border
The social construction of essential workers: The COVID-19 impact on America's most vulnerable labor forces