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  • X = Castillo, José E.
A 3-dimensional general curvilinear coastal ocean model: Grid generation and application within San Diego Bay
A novel higher order finite difference time domain method based on the Castillo-Grone mimetic curl operator with applications concerning the time-dependent Maxwell equations
Absorbing-type boundary conditions and compile-time acceleration technologies in simulating seismic wave propagation on heterogeneous geologic media
Coupling GCCOM, a curvilinear ocean model rigid lid simulation with SWASH for analysis of free surface conditions
Data assimilation unit for the general curvilinear environmental model
Developing a nested hydrodynamical model for San Diego Bay, CA using Delft3D and Delft Dashboard
Development of a parallel coupler library with minimal inter-process synchronization for large-scale computer simulations
High order mimetic finite differences on non-trivial problems
Higher-order mimetic operators and quadratures to compute concentration profiles and mass-transport in carbon dioxide subsurface flow
Investigating Castillo-Grone's Mimetic Difference Operators in Development of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Models Implemented on GPGPUs
Mimetic Finite Differences And Parallel Computing To Simulate Carbon Dioxide Subsurface Mass Transport
Mimetic coastal ocean modeling in general coordinates and using machine learning based predictions
Mimetic coastal ocean modeling in general coordinates and using machine learning based predictions.
Modeling transport of reactive chemical species (CO₂, H₂S, etc.) through porous media
Parallel Implementation of the Unified Curvilinear Ocean and Atmospheric (UCOAM) Model and Supporting Computational Environment
Subflow: Simulating geological storage of CO2 using mimetic operators
Validation of a PETSc-based parallel general curvilinear coastal ocean model