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Conservation Genomics Indicates Multiple Evolutionary Units Within The Bell's Vireo (Vireo bellii)
Evolutionary distinctiveness, conservation, and biogeography of the largest radiation of new world songbirds
Genetic and Phenotypic Divergence of the Spotted Towhee (Pipilo maculatus) on the California Channel Islands
Macroevolutionary dynamics of bill evolution and diversification in tanagers (Passeriformes: thraupidae)
Morphological evolution and diversification in the tanagers, the largest radiation of neotropical songbirds
Niche evolution in relation to diversification in tanagers, the largest radiation of songbirds in the Neotropics
Phylogenetics of Cardinalidae and the impact of habitat, climate, and ecology on the evolution of color
Phylogenomics, trait evolution, and diversification of the tanagers (Aves: Thraupidae)
Song complexity and its evolutionary correlates across a continent-wide radiation of songbirds
Species limits, molecular phylogenetics and historical biogeography of the California spider genus Pimus (Araneae: amaurobiidae)
Using an avian visual model to assess the evolution of sexual dichromatism in tanagers