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  • X = Blomgren, Peter V.
A computational study of wind turbine wake models and their application in wind farm layout optimization
A review of some inverse scale space methods for image reconstruction
A study of interior point methods on the compressed sensing problem
A survey of the equivalence of non-convex ℓ⁰-and convex ℓ¹-minimization with application to compressed sensing
Approximations to the Lid-Driven Cavity Problem
Compressive sensing approach to BI-SQUID arrays
Computational aspects of the material point method with applications in computer graphics
Image processing and analysis of cardiomyocyte contractility and quantification of Western Blots
Introduction of non-linear models for characterization of shape and deformation statistics : application to contractility assessment of enzymatically isolated adult cardiocytes
Multiphase level set evolution with applications to automatic generational tracking of cell division of Escherichia coli
Optimization of Michell Truss Structures in Bending State
Pathways to success: Using data to visualize the student experience
Review and numerical comparison of image superresolution algorithms
The Computational Analysis and Classification of Histological Images for Prostate Adenocacinoma
Toward optimal GPU utilization: Code-optimization of a simulation environment for vortex patch interactions and their influence on cnoidal waves using the scalFMM framework