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A parametric approach to Tesla turbine design for the organic rankine cycle
Aquatic vertebrate locomotion and its application to wind turbine blade design
Comparison of mechanical and piezoelectric power extraction from a speed bump
Comparison of solar energy technologies for continentally diverse synoptic weather domains
Component matching for ultra-low grade thermal energy recovery operating in Organic Rankine Cycle
Computational and experimental investigation of vortex cooling of a gas turbine blade using 3-D stereo-particle image velocimetry and liquid crystals
Computational fluid dynamics and wind tunnel validation of a vertical axis wind turbine with deforming flaps
Development of an Expander for Low Grade Thermal Energy Conversion Using Organic Rankine Cycle: Modeling and Testing
Economic and Environmental Analysis of Wave-Powered Desalination in Southern California
Integrating horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines for a point conversion
Integration of Wave and Wind Energy Off the California Coast
Large eddy simulation of atmospheric boundary layer flow in urban terrain : implications for transport of pollution and heat
Low temperature power generation using HFE-7000 in a Rankine cycle
Numerical study for optimized designs of savonius turbine blade
Part load study of twin-screw expander for ultra-low grade thermal energy conversion using organic rankine cycle
Regression analysis of organic working medium for low temperature Rankine Cycle
Regression based pollutant rating of combustion emissions
Surf vehicle for paraplegic surfers
The Impact of Inertia Forces on a Morphing Wind Turbine Blade in A Vertical Axis Configuration: A Wind Tunnel Test
The impact of blade thickness on the structural and aerodynamics performance of a morphing wind turbine blade