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Clay diagenesis in the overpressured zone of the frontier formation and Dakota sandstone
Clay mineral investigation of the Delmar Formation
Clay mineralogy and hydrocarbon production in a portion of the Forbes Formation, Grimes gas field, Sacramento Basin, California
Clay mineralogy of granitic pegmatites in the Pala District, San Diego County, California
Clay mineralogy of the Delmar and Friars formations, San Diego County, California
Clay-size CaCO3 and clay mineralogy of recent marine sediments: Southern California Continental Borderland
Fluid pressure analysis of sandstones in the overpressured Forbes Formation; Southern Grimes Gas Field, Sacramento Valley, California
Geology and late cretaceous depositional environments in the northern corner of Camp Pendleton, Southern California
Geology and recent sediment distribution from Santa Barbara to Rincon Point, California
Geology of the nearshore continental shelf and coastal area, northern San Diego County, California
Marine structural geology and geologic evolution south of Santa Rosa and San Miguel Islands, California
Offshore geology and sediment distribution of the El Capitan-Gaviota continental shelf, northern Santa Barbara channel, California
Structural reconnaissance of the San Diego mainland shelf
The unconsolidated sediment distribution on the San Diego County Mainland Shelf, California