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  • X = Bernstein, Sanford I.
Aging-related post-translational modifications of myosin influence severity of sarcopenia and may be ameliorated by FOXO overexpression
Drosophila as a model for myosin-induced dilated cardiomyopathy
Effect of mutations in DUNC-45 on its activity as a myosin chaperone, using Drosophila as a modelm
Effect of the P838L mutation on myosin function in Drosophila melanogaster
Effects of Freeman Sheldon Syndrome Y583S and R672C myosin mutations on indirect flight muscles of Drosophila
Effects of myosin mutations causing human distal arthrogryposis in the drosophila model
Functional and structural investigation of Drosophila UNC-45, a chaperone for myosin
Genetic analysis and suppression of cardiac laminopathy in a drosophila model
Identification of New Protein Interactions of UNC-45, a Myosin Molecular Chaperone, in Drosophila melanogaster
Molecular basis and amelioration of mutant lamin-induced skeletal muscle dysfunction in drosophila
Studying human myosin storage myopathy using a Drosophila model system
The effects of protein expression manipulation on muscle structure and function in inclusion body myopathy-3
Time-restricted feeding role in attenuation of obesity-induced skeletal muscle dysfunction in a drosophila model
Two genes encoding thick filament proteins of drosophila melanogaster: Cloning and expression
Ultrastructural properties of Drosophila striated muscle as a model for cardiac disease
Using Drosophila as a model system to study human inclusion body myopathy type 3 disease