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"Guttural German": Herbert Marcuse, the media, and student radicalism in San Diego during the 1960s
"Nothing is impossible to a determined woman": Louisa May Alcott and nineteenth-century gender roles
"Rommel, you magnificent bastard": The Desert Fox and the rehabilitation of Germany in postwar media
A history of the British Museum's repatration debates of the Parthenon and Benin bronzes
Arabia infelix: Britain Sharif Hussein and the lost opportunities of Anglo-Arab relations, 1916-1924
Creating spaces : the epistolary movement for female autonomy in late eighteenth-century England
Forti nihil difficile: How the Victorians created a new self-image under revolutionary conditions
More Than The Sum Of Their Parts: The Origins Of The Olympic Class Liners
Nationalism in practice : assimilation, expulsion, and extermination in the Balkans, 1913-1945
The great obligation: The Serampore Baptist missionaries and the rise of social service in Protestant missions
There and Back Again: The Creation of the British Blues, and the American Blues Revival
Whoremongers, heretics, and the devil's doctrine: clerical marriage in mid-Tudor England, 1540-1555