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"So, you're a lean guy": Care provider, parent, and child communication about weight, diet, and physical activity
Am I normal?: Negotiating social identity as sick or well in oncology interviews
Branding' as an interactional achievement: "Stories of the sharp experience" and personalized care during patient-provider encounters
Cancer may cause sarcasm: The use of sarcasm during oncology interviews
Claiming Insufficient Knowledge About Cancer: Understanding Moments When Physicians Don't Know About Cancer Care
Discussing and dealing with weight topics in oncological medical interviews
Managing Patients' Laughter and Humor in Oncology Interview: Justifying Wellness as an Interactional Achievement
Partnering and providing reassurance within medical relationships patient/nurse interactions during oncology interviews
Referencing and managing family members' involvements during oncology interviews : an analysis of the role family members play in cancer communication
Scenes from a small business: interactions between professional care providers and their employer
The dynamics of pain communication: Upgrading and downgrading painful descriptions during cancer care
Therapeutic Techniques for Soliciting Talk: Addressing Delicate Matters in Family Therapy
Time and affective stance throughout a breast cancer journey