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  • X = Ashrafi, Ashkan
A square-root Nyquist filter design using minimax optimization
Artifact removal from electroencephalogram signals using dictionary learning
Bidirectional algorithm for fundamental frequency estimation
Characteristics and bounds of spline interpolation using forward distance
Design of pre-truncated fixed width unsigned parallel array multiplier
Frequency estimation utilizing the overlapping autocorrelation
Functional connectivity supporting word retrieval in speech production: A graph signal processing approach
Gait analysis utilizing graph signal processing to identify diabetic patients without peripheral neuropathy
Haar based orthogonal signals for ultra wide band pulse generation design and performance analyses
Implementation of direct digital frequency synthesizer (DDFS) using Legendre Polynomial approximations
Inferring undirected and casually directed graph graph structures from multivariate time series
Non-uniform quasi-linear interpolation for direct digital frequency synthesizers
Prediction of protein coding regions in DNA sequences using the Stockwell Transform
Real Time Implementation of Audio Spectrogram on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)
Shortest path problem: A deductive graph spectrum approach
The application of multivariate empirical mode decomposition with canonical correlation for EEG artifact removal
Ultra wideband pulse generation using discrete prolate spheroidal sequences : design and analyses