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An invasive alga as a potential subsidy disruptor in beach wrack-associated assemblages
Behavioral and Physiological consequences of pesticide exposure for estuarine fishes
Biological and Oceanographic Drivers of Larval Growth, Settlement, and Recruitment of Rockfishes (Sebastes spp.)
Boat Engine Noise Induces Physiological Stress and Reduces Predation Risk in Coastal Marine Fish
Cascading non-consumptive effects of a temperate reef fish reduces kelp habitat loss
Comparing fish and macroinvertebrate assemblages in neighboring kelp forests, Macrocystis pyrifera and Egregia menziesii
Consequences of predation threat for a macrophyte-associated fish
Disentangling the effects of habitat characteristics and predation on red algae-associated invertebrate assemblages
Evaluating eelgrass (Zostera marina) site quality by the settlement, performance, and survival of a marine fish
Impacts of an invasive alga on recruitment of a temperate reef fish
Predatory regulation of Tegula grazing activity in giant kelp forests
Spatial patterns of invertebrate settlement in giant kelp forests
Spatio-temporal ecology and management of temperate reef fish populations
Spatiotemporal variation in demersal micropedators on temperate rocky reefs and their impacts on fish swimming performance
Swimming performance and the ecology of early life stages of temperate marine fishes
The effects of habitat structure on kelp forest fish populations at a seascape scale