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Enabled Filters

  • X = Alimohammad, Amirhossein
A novel high-throughput FFT architecture for wireless communication systems
A reconfigurable hardware implementation for the principal component analysis
An efficient and reconfigurable hardware architecture for narrow bandwidth low-pass and polyphase recursive filters
An efficient hardware implementation of an energy detection-based spectral estimator for cognitive radios
An efficient hardware implementation of delayed signals
Application-Specific Instruction Set Processor for Wireless Communication Applications
Architectural design space exploration of reciprocal and square root for arbitrary precision fixed-point and floating-point arithmetic
Design and implementation of hardware architectures for neural signal processing
Efficient hardware implementation of compressed sensing algorithm for neural spikes
Implementation of physical layer security of an ultra-wideband transceiver
Reconfigurable architectures for efficient implementation of IIR filters
Spike detection algorithms for efficient hardware realization