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"Comrades in the struggle": A qualitative exploration into the lives of men who participate in LGBTQ activism programs
"My childhood ended with my mom's incarceration": Adolescent children of incarcerated parents
"So what if I was a stripper": Stigma management among recreational pole dancers in San Diego
"They're only laughing 'cause you're pretty": Women's experiences at comedy clubs
"When did Facebook become my girlfriend?": Gender and self-presentation on Facebook
"Yeah, sometimes we're like that, but it's not our entire world": Negotiating counter nerd identities against a dominant narrative
A content analysis of black thinspiration on social media sites
A critique of the au pair scheme in Norway: In light of neoliberalism
A dollar for your life: The dehumanization of labor in capitalism
A pre-conviction list: Exploring gang documentation through the voices of those impacted
A punk public sphere: The politicization of punk rock
A study of the effect of group cohesiveness on mathematical learning in an elementary school
ACEs: An analysis of community protective factors and adolescent wellbeing
All religions believe in justice: Social justice framing in faith communities
Art and the anti-Vietnam war movement
Baby boomer working women: Trailblazers in an era of gender-specific social change
Ban the box and racial discrimination: exploring the perspectives and reintegration efforts of the criminal justice community
Blowback: The American military empire, "free-market" globalization, the Iraq Wars, and the rise of Islamic State
Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite: Complications in solidarity and violence
Cashing in on the Discourse of Liberation: How the Commodification of Art Debases Expressions of Resistance