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A fully adaptive 2D empirical wavelet transform using watersheds
A survey of the equivalence of non-convex ℓ⁰-and convex ℓ¹-minimization with application to compressed sensing
An analysis of global and regional precipitation characteristics since 1900
Analysis of precalculus students' interest in active learning
Applying recurrence quantification analysis methods for the analysis of global reanalysis and model data to reveal the local oscillations of multiple African easterly waves during 2006
Graph Eigenvectors
Image deconvolution using the empirical wavelet transform
Mathematical applications to big data visualization and analysis with applications in climate and oceanographic data
Modeling HIV infection in the plasma and brain under conditioning of drugs of abuse: Infection risk and persistence department of mathematics and statistics
Modeling fibroblast growth factor 10 expression in embryonic mouse lungs: Genetic patterning in lung development
Modeling intracellular delay in within-host HIV dynamics under conditioning of drugs of abuse
Modelling and comparing temperature processes for pricing weather derivatives
Multi-frame image fusion of turbulence degraded images
Nonlinear waves in density stratified fluids over underwater topography
Optical detection of radio waves through a nanomechanical transducer
Paradoxical decompositions and the Axiom of Choice
Pathways to success: Using data to visualize the student experience
Review and numerical comparison of image superresolution algorithms
Simulated atmospheric turbulence: Development of methodology for mitigation algorithm performance evaluation
The mathematical theory of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing