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2D filtering based on voronoi fourier supports
A 3-dimensional general curvilinear coastal ocean model: Grid generation and application within San Diego Bay
A Bayesian hierarchical model for remote sensing analyses with categorical outcomes
A KdV-SIR equation and analytical solutions: Relationship to the non-dissipative Lorenz model and an application for COVID-19 data analysis
A classification and study of intersective polynomials
A commutative algebraic approach to Hamiltonians and graphs
A comparison of procedures for testing noninferiority using proportion difference, odds ratio, and proportion ratio between two independent binomial samples
A computational study of wind turbine wake models and their application in wind farm layout optimization
A computerized proof of hypergeometric identities with Gosper and Zeilberger algorithms
A data-driven study of random graphs & social networks intended for the department of mathematics and statistics
A description of the NTRU cryptosystem and its cryptanalysis via the LL algorithm
A feasible study of a probabilistic approach to analyzing cloud properties such as cloud fraction, liquid water path, and precipitable water vapor
A generalization of Gelfand's question to an arbitrary base
A genre analysis of English and Chinese research article abstracts in linguistics and chemistry
A geometric approach to block monoids
A mathematical model of lung fluid secretion and pattern selection in lung branching
A method for model selection applied to simple linear versus two-phase linear models
A random forest approach for propensity score matching in observational study designs
A study of interior point methods on the compressed sensing problem
A study on quantifying effective training of DLDMD