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  • X = Language and Communicative Disorders
An event-related potential investigation of orthographic precision
Auditory sentence processing in unimpaired and impaired adult listeners: The influence of structure, prosody, and thematic fit
Bilingual cognitive and sentence processing
Characterizing the social and affective phenotype of individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders
Digging beneath the surface behavioral and neural indices of lexical access during idiom comprehension in aphasia : a multi-modal approach
Event representation and verb learning: integrating brain and behavioral development
Intersensory redundancy processing in adults with and without SLI
Lexical and Cognitive Processing in Early Language Delay
Lexical-semantic development in monolingual and bilingual children
More than Words: Lexical Processing during Sentence Comprehension in Broca's Aphasia
Mouthings in American Sign Language: Biomechanical and Representational Foundations
On the relations among linguistic subsystems in typically developing children and children with neurodevelopmental disorders
Proform-antecedent linking in listeners with language impairments and unimpaired listeners
Reading between the lines : an individual difference investigation of situation model processing during narrative text comprehension
Sentence comprehension in aphasia: A test of the intervener hypothesis
Word representation and processing in deaf readers: Evidence from ERPs and eye-tracking