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A mammalian pathway for the oxidation of non-phosphorylated glucose
A microwave study of beta-butyrolactone
A synthetic study of the cyclohept[e]indene ring system
Acidic hydrolysis of some steroid esters
An investigation of bridgehead-substituted oxabicycloalkanes
CHEM 498 Senior Project
Chemical and isotopic probes of the (Na+ , K+)-ATPase
Chlorodisilanes, preparation and Si-H stretching frequencies
Determination of infinite-dilution activity coefficients in methanol, water, and their mixtures, by combined gas and liquid chromatographic techniques; exposition of retentions in column liquid chromatography
Disilane formation by direct photolysis of silane
Methods for spatial localization in NMR
Molecular dynamics of electron transfer processes between iron and ruthenium centers coordinated by proteins and classical ligands
Part I - The gas phase decomposition of dimethylsilane, ethynysilane, and disilane; Part II - Reactions of silylene with methanol, acetylene, ethylene and 1,3-butadiene
Pulsed nuclear magnetic resonance studies of some associated liquids
Pyrolysis of 1, 1-dichlorodisilane
Studies in digermane decomposition
Syntheses of perfluoroalkyl-substituted steroids
The benzo(1,2:3,4:5,6)tricyclobutene problem
The photolysis of acetone in the presence of HBr: A study of some primary photochemical processes of acetone
The synthesis and cleavage of the germanium-germanium bond in digermane