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A look at the special number field sieve using ideals as implementable in the magma computational algebra software system
A numerical analysis of arithmetic congruence monoids
A probabilistic framework for the empirical mode decomposition and applications to precipitation data
A review of some inverse scale space methods for image reconstruction
AIC criterion for mode selection in optimal averaging and interpolation of climate data
An overview of public key infrastructure
An overview of the Buchmann-Williams cryptographic system
Analysis and simulation of wireless OFDM communications
Applications and adaptive extensions of Shannon sampling theorem Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Approximations to the Lid-Driven Cavity Problem
Classifying major capsid proteins utilizing the random forest algorithm on an imbalanced training set
Collective behavior of a three-vibratory gyroscope system with coupling along the drive-and sense-modes
Computed Tomography and The Radon Transform
Corpus-based methods for the unsupervised grading of short answer questions
Critical velocity and nucleation of dark solitons In non-local nonlinear media
Density Analysis of Code Based Cryptosystems and Analysis of Goppa Key Structure
Directed ratchet transport of matter-wave solitons in a horizontally vibrating potential
Dynamics of a ring of almost-identical Van der Pol oscillators
Economic growth models
Effects of delay on coupled sensor systems