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A Comparative Evaluation of Behavioral Questionnaire Use in the FASD-Tree
A Search for Circumbinary Planets Using Eclipse Time Variations
A Search for Circumbinary Planets in Short-Period Binary Stars Using Kepler Mission Data.
A Voltammetric Investigation of the Electrocatalytic Cycle Mechanism of Fe(I) and Mn(I) Complexes
ACEs and Academic Engagement among College Students
Aerobic Activity is Impaired by Vaping
An electrophysiological megastudy of object recognition
Applying antisense oligonucleotide therapy (ASO) for autism spectrum disorder in preclinical models
Battle of the Sexes: A Closer Look into Cylindropuntia wolfii’s Sexual System
Characterization of Metagenomes and Pathogen Identification of the Tijuana River
Characterizing the protein composition of Bacteroides contractile injection systems
Childhood Adversity as a Moderator for Irritability-Related Reward Processing
Commensal Bacterial Adherence to the Intestinal Epithelium of C. elegans
Comparing Suicidality and Attachment Styles within a Sample with Adverse Childhood Experiences
Controlling Defect Concentration in Graphitic Carbon Nitride for Improved HER Efficiency
County-Level Political Orientation Predicts Implicit Bias against Native Americans
Crystallization and Structural Determination of the SARS-CoV-2 Mpro Proenzyme Form
Determining Binding Constants of Ligand-Metal Complexes Through Fluorescence Spectroscopy