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"All the girls are white, all the Blacks are male": Experiences of young Black women on the East Coast
"All this has happened before, and all of it will happen again": Reproduction, race, and violence in Battlestar Galactica
"But some of us are [still] brave": The experiences of Black women engaging in graduate women's studies
"Ma luoy man me": Reproductive health and family planning in Siquijor, Siquijor, Philippines
"My most authentic self": Creating visibility and understanding of pansexuality through stories of identity formation
"Take what you want and leave the rest": Alcoholics Anonymous and female empowerment
"You don't exist unless you're on TV": The invisible representation of female bisexuality on the The L Word and Orange Is the New Black
#SeggsEd: Sex, safety, and censorship on TikTok
50th Anniversary of Women's Studies Oral History Project
A feminist epistemological critique of comparative cognition research
A feminist re-reading of U.S. media depictions of women murderers
Afro-Brazilian Jewish women: Female centaurs transgressing the borderlands
Analysis of children's literary criticism how scholars examine gender, race/ethnicity, and sexuality in picture books
Azerbaijani women in Iran: Oppression, Empowerment, Agency
Barbara Watson Oral History
Beverly Yuen Thompson Oral History
Bonnie Scott Oral History
Bonnie Zimmerman Oral History
Brodie Reynolds Oral History
Carol Council-Rowell Oral History