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A Bayesian hierarchical model for remote sensing analyses with categorical outcomes
A feasible study of a probabilistic approach to analyzing cloud properties such as cloud fraction, liquid water path, and precipitable water vapor
A genre analysis of English and Chinese research article abstracts in linguistics and chemistry
A random forest approach for propensity score matching in observational study designs
Academic and nonacademic validating agents on Latinas' mathematics and science self concept: A quantitative study utilizing the high school longitudinal study of 2009
Advancements in the elicitation, aggregation, and forecasting of probability distributions under time constraints
Application of dynamic linear regression model & hypothesis-testing for damage detection of highway bridge
Assessing predictive ability of dynamic time warping functional connectivity for ASD classification
Bayesian hierarchical model of subsampled multiply labeled dolphin movement data
Bayesian joint modeling of longitudinal visual field data with correlated binary and survival outcomes
Causal effect random forest of interaction trees for learning individualized treament regimes in observational studies: With applications to education study data
Climate data computing: Optimal interpolation, averaging, visualization and delivery
DOF and information criteria calculations for United States temperature and precipitation data
Ensemble learning for propensity score methods on in observational studies
Ensemble learning methods for educational data mining applications
Estimating person-specific risks for adverse health events using machine learning methods: Risk calculation using random forests
Estimating the optimal treatment regime for student success interventions
Extending longitudinal analysis to estimation of coefficients in HIV-1 dynamics
Forecasting MLB performance utilizing a Bayesian approach in order to optimize a fantasy baseball draft
Generalized propensity score methods for assessing the impact of supplemental instruction attendance frequency