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"Have a drink, you'll feel better." Predictors of daily alcohol consumption among extraverts: The mediational role of coping
A Comparative Evaluation of Behavioral Questionnaire Use in the FASD-Tree
A comparative study of the personality patterns of older and younger sisters
A dyadic approach to examine the association between intimate partner violence and romantic relationship satisfaction
A functional connectivity MRI study of network sculpting in autism spectrum disorders
A longitudinal study of proactivity during socialization
A measure of interpretation bias in posttraumatic stress disorder
A method of explaining memory deficits in children with prenatal alcohol exposure
A multigroup confirmatory factor analysis of adolescent alcohol-related behaviors across ethnic groups
A personalized and flexible methological approach to investigate bicultural identities
A replication study of interpersonal justice, stereotype of deceit, and fairness perceptions on bias towards supervisors
A scary world: Contextual level effects on implicit perceptions of threat
A study of the verbal and performance intelligence of slow learning Mexican-American and American children
ACEs and Academic Engagement among College Students
Acceptance and commitment therapy for patients with breast cancer: A pilot study
Achieving adaptive performance: A study of U.S. Army promotion outcomes
Acquisition and retention of verbal information in children with and without prenatal alcohol exposure
Activation of visceral insular cortex in response to ethanol sensory cues after prolonged ethanol exposure
Age-related changes in spatial pattern separation
Age-related changes in spatial pattern separation: A rodent model of healthy aging