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A Geant4 model of backscatter security imaging systems
A Monte Carlo simulation of the Compton camera
A determination of the peak to total ratio for a Ge(Li) detector
A quantum engineering guide to microwave photonics and multiconductor transmission lines
A stability analysis of a nonlinear system
A theorem on volume in higher-dimensional Euclidean spaces
Advanced magnetic resonance imaging techniques to probe muscle structure and function
Al-doped zinc oxide waveguides at the epsilon near zero spectral point
Al/dielectric metamaterials for nanocavity LEDs
An analytical approach to transient dynamics: A case study on phage and bacteria population interactions
An electronics laboratory for teaching circuit analysis and instrumentation
Analysis of bacteriophage motion through a non-static medium
Atomic factorization of molecular interactions
Benchmarking approximations for the electronic structure of atoms
Carrier dynamics and optical properties of the multilayered aluminum-doped zinc oxide metamaterial
Comparing classical and quantum radar: Investigating the theoretical basis and feasibility
Computation of asymptotic normalization constants for alpha-particle removal
Creation of vector beams from a polarization diffraction grating using a programmable liquid crystal spatial light modulator and a q-plate
Detection and differentiation of crude and refined oils using ultraviolet fluorescence spectroscopy
Developing microwave networks into quantum objects within SLH formalism