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A dose comparison of the posterior fossa between photon radiation therapy and proton radiation therapy for medulloblastoma
A rapid CTDI check using in-air measurements and a method to measure the spatially-varying HVL in CT scanners using a real-time dose probe
An experimental x-ray source characterization method for computed tomography (CT) dosimetry simulations
Assessing the Effects of Lung Tumor Heterogeneity and Respiratory Motion on 4D Positron Emission Computed Tomography (4D PET/CT) Using a Novel 3D Printed Phantom
Automated DIR for HDR cervical cancer brachytherapy
Characterization of lyso scintillation crystals with sipm readaout toward three dimensional, time of flight pet detection
Comparison of device-based and deviceless 4DCT reconstruction
Compressed sensing simulations: Application to quantitative brain and skeletal muscle magnetic resonance imaging
Development of Online Quality Assurance Automation Tool "SmartQC" for radiotherapy clinics
Dosimetric comparison of Pinnacle_ 9.2, Eclipse™ 11.0, and iPlan 4.1 Algorithms with heterogenous phantoms
Effect of buffer solution and concentration of plasmid DNA on strand breaks induced by ionizing radiation
Effects of simulation parameters in the estimation of nanodosimetric quantities calculated with track-structure Monte Carlo
Evaluation of conventional setup for prone breast external radiation therapy boosts
Influence of patient weight and couch angle on the accuracy of a surface tracking system for monitoring of brain stereotactic radiosurgery
Knowledge-based planning for whole breast irradiation using tangential beams
Magnetization transfer saturation imaging to monitor gender related differences in leg skeletal muscle
Modeling Output Factors and Predicting Monitor Units for a Passively Scattered Proton Beam
Optical photon extraction from an LYSO scintillator matrix for a 3D PET detector design
Optimization in HDR brachytherapy for rectal cancer
Polymer Gel and Magnetic Resonance Relaxometry Based 3D Dose Monitoring