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3-D printing of magnetic field responsive biomimetic structures
3-Dimensional compact disc (CD) microfluidic platform
3D printing of bioinspired functional microstructures for use in fog collection
A comprehensive nonlinear mathematical modeling of smart flow distribution network
A geometric model of the human aortic valve and design of closure prostheses
A glass microfluidic platform for rare cell capturing using passive micromixing
A numerical investigation of radiation feedback in different regimes of opposed-flow flame spread
A parametric approach to Tesla turbine design for the organic rankine cycle
A physical system analysis and evaluation of a conventional air conditioning system with a solar thermal contribution
A rich internet application for nozzle flow structure
Advances in W-Cu: New powder systems
Agricultural-waste biomass for high-surface area structures via nano-material synthesis and spark plasma sintering
Aluminum nitride foam production from milled aluminum-titanium hydride powder using microwave radiation
An investigation into the control of a vehicle suspension using model reference adaptive control with voice coil actuators
Application of validated radiation model in flame spread rate over solid fuels
Aquatic vertebrate locomotion and its application to wind turbine blade design
Automated porosity detection in powder-based additive manufactured parts using machine learning and machine vision
Ballistic manufacturing: The effect of velocity and incidence angle
Characterization and mapping of 3D printed polymers using combined terahertz imaging
Characterization of mechanical properties of soft tissues using sub-microscale tensile testing