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A classification and study of intersective polynomials
A commutative algebraic approach to Hamiltonians and graphs
A computerized proof of hypergeometric identities with Gosper and Zeilberger algorithms
A generalization of Gelfand's question to an arbitrary base
A geometric approach to block monoids
A mathematical model of lung fluid secretion and pattern selection in lung branching
A numerical solution of a system of linear integro-partial differential equations
Algebraic integers, class groups, class numbers, and block monoids
An analytic and geometric approach for examining the stability of linear differential equations with two delays
An exploration of proposed algorithms for use over the subspace metric in the scope of network coding theory
An implementation of MIX
An overview of the NTRU cryptographic system
Analytic and numerical investigation of N points on a 3-sphere
Applications of Reed-Solomon codes on optical media storage
Computational Problems in Garside Groups
Computations within Bayesian networks
Construction of dense lattice packings in prime dimensions
Decoding of the (31,15,8) and (41,20,10) quadratic residue codes beyond their error correcting capabilities
Decoding the binary (31, 15, 8) and (47, 23, 12) quadratic residue codes beyond their error-correction capabilities
Deriving pseduocodewords from Bethe permanents