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A single glance: The Mandala of the Two Realms and the upāya of awakening
Big data for humanitarian assistance and disaster response
From the Yijing to Jesus: A comparative study of the aphorisms in the Yijing hexagrams and the sayings of Jesus
How feasible is interdisciplinary teacher collaboration in high schools? an in-depth comparison of Kyberpass at two school sites
Ingredient branding : a case study on the emergence of the mobile processor category
Intramural sports supervisor manual
Long-term memory of American Sign Language in a chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes)
Palnj: An Interdiscplinary Thesis Performance
Range and movement patterns of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) along the California and Northern Baja Coast
Reality reimagined : the effect of the spectacular narrative
Remarkable moments: communicating trust in the relationship between the child with autism and the parent/caregiver
Sacred comedy : reconciling religion and humor
Slingshots and giants : the David and Goliath narrative as discourse in American news coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Social media and crisis mapping : recent developments and application ideas for crisis response
The Rhythm Network: An activation and Functional Connectivity Analysis of Beat Perception and Production
The concept of revolution according to J. Krishnamurti
The effects of youth sports participation on emotional intelligence in middle school students
Uni Verse